Our Mission is to provide elite football coaching of a high professional standard to young players with ambitions to become a professional football player.

By delivering the best programmes and facilities we will develop footballers and become a internationally recognized training facility.

Professional Football Coaching and development for young undiscovered talents.
International Football Academy offers different types of courses and football trials to suit your needs.

Our goal is to discover and develop talented players who have the potential to go on and play professional football and help international players to show their talent in the UK.


Football course that covers all areas of the professional game of football

The Academy’s Elite Programme is available exclusively to talents who exhibit a high skills level. Through specialised training, they have the potential of breaking into the top tier of professional football.

Our season based programmes are unique short term courses. For international players we have courses that run during school mid-term and end-of-term breaks.

Players have the chance to use their free time constructively to work at their tactical, physical and technical skills.

In addition to team coaching, the Academy provides skills based programmes. Recognising Goal Keepers, Forwards, Mid Fielders and Defenders as individual positions that require unique skill sets, these programmes provide focused coaching that targets each player position separately.


The Academy is run by Billy Stewart (UK), former England U20s Goalkeeper coach and Liverpool FC Academy coach. Current holder of UEFA ”A” License

  • Trial matches in front of major club scouts
  • Competitive matches in Academy League
  • Friendlies against Premiership and Football league opposition
  • Sessions with former pro-footballers and managers
  • Expert coaching sessions for all outfield positions from UEFA qualified coaches
  • Specialist goalkeeping sessions from UEFA qualified coaches
  • Physiotherapy sessions / first aid training
  • Sessions with a Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Nutrition, health & lifestyle advice
  • Excursions to see Premier League Academies
  • Visits to pro and semi-pro games with analysis- Team building activities


Opportunity to become professional football player

We create opportunities for you to be noticed, opening a gateway into the professional game of football. With comprehensive football coaching, International Football Academy promise you professionalism, commitment and above all the drive to make you succeed.

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